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This is a fundraiser to benefit [personal profile] ephemere, with the aim of supporting her in the wake of her losing her job, home, and good relations with her family due to homophobia. The idea of this fundraiser was conceived by friends of [personal profile] ephemere, and is being run with her permission. Funds will go to rent, utilities, food, and medical bills.

We are accepting donations (please contact the mods via PM for more details) & are also running an auction as follows:

  • The auction will open for offers on Thursday, July 5.
  • All auctions will open for bids on Thursday, July 12.
  • Bidding will be open from Thursday, July 12 at 21:00 GMT to Saturday, July 21 at 21:00 GMT (time zone converter).

Please see our FAQ for more details.

& here is a list of auctions that could use more love! Find yourself a possible bargain! :D

We'd love to see as much activity here as possible, so please signal-boost freely!
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Firstly, apologies again for the delay in reporting back on this (due to various uninteresting issues). I'm overjoyed to say that we have raised an astonishing $1333.50 for [personal profile] ephemere! Speaking for myself at least, this was well beyond my most optimistic hopes for this community -- so thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times: everyone who offered, who bid, who donated, who signal-boosted. Your efforts have made such a difference.

Below the cut please find the screenshot (with personal information removed) of the money transfer:Read more... )

Originally we said we'd also put up a spreadsheet, with identifying information removed, with, eg. individual auction totals, etc. as another measure of accountability -- though a few people expressed reservations about this idea. If this is something that you would find useful, could you please comment & let me know?

(& on another admin note, if you haven't yet heard from the other party in your transaction -- the offerer or winner -- please do contact them via PM, & if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM any of the mods here.)

Many many thanks again, everyone. ♥
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Hi everyone -- just to let you know, there is one auction payment still outstanding, though I have put the money in for that temporarily while we sort out sending the money to [personal profile] ephemere. There's been a slight technical delay in that, but I think we are well on the way to having that sorted. We'll be sure to update once we've actually transferred the money, with a screenshot & a total amount.

Thanks so much again for your patience & your support! ♥
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Hi everyone -- just to say, we've nearly got all the donations from the auctions in; we're just waiting for a few more people. If you've not paid yet, or if we are waiting to hear from you about a shipping total or any other special conditions, it would be great to get all that sorted within the next week or so.

I'll post again when we have a confirmed total & when we have sent the money off, of course. Huge huge thanks once more to everyone for their support. ♥
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The auction is over! Thank you so much everyone, for your offers, your bids, your signal-boosts, & your support.

We'll be contacting winners to confirm their bids & provide Paypal information for sending your donation -- this may be slightly delayed in some cases, where the offerer stated that they would need, eg. the winner to pay for some of the shipping costs (because we'll have to check with them as to the amount).

Winners, please be sure to check your DW private messages, as this (&/or comments on your auction thread) is how we will initially be getting in touch.

Thanks again, everyone!
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Hi everyone -- just in case some of you have noticed, [personal profile] ephemere has deleted her journal; I spoke to her & she is taking a break. This doesn't mean the need for the fundraiser has disappeared, of course (if anything, quite the contrary!). I wanted to update about that, since I know a lot of you will be worried.

Bidding is open until 9 PM GMT tonight (time zone converter)! ♥

(& also, I accidentally messed up the HTML when editing the post on auctions with no bids or one bid, so for a while I think the "one bid" auctions vanished. I am very sorry! orz The post is back as it should be now.)

Thanks again, everyone.


Jul. 20th, 2012 08:53 am
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Bidding closes in about 28 hours on Saturday, July 21, 9 PM GMT (time zone converter).

We've had some new offers within the past two days, as well as some auctions with no bids, so please check them out!
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User name: [personal profile] hooked_on_anime
Email address:
I'm offering: Custom amigurumi-style crocheted plush(es) equal to the value of the donation
Examples of my work: See [community profile] hooked_on_anime_gallery
Fandoms (if appropriate): Anything the bidder can provide images or a detailed description of
Additional info: You can split the bid total between a number of plushes. Please let me know if you have any animal allergies or material sensitivities/preferences; my default is acrylic yarn from a pet-friendly house. If I end up making a new (fannish) pattern for your item, I plan to post it at [personal profile] hooked_on_anime.
Starting bid (in USD): $10
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User name: [personal profile] dorothean
Email address:
I'm offering: A review of any romance novel of your choice (as long as I can find it in English), which will be posted on Goodreads, [community profile] 50books_poc if applicable, and elsewhere on Dreamwidth if you want.
I read romance novels because I enjoy them, but my reviews are frequently driven by the problems that can appear in this genre -- sexism and awful gendered relationship dynamics of course, but also classism (symptomatic of escapism via reading about wealthy protagonists, I suppose), racism and colonialism (especially in historical stories about white U.S.ians and Brits), heterosexism (ughhhhh mainstream romance publishing), etc. But, you know, I criticize because I care, and I also write happy reviews about books that do it right. (Those are the nicer ones to read anyway!)
Examples of my work (optional): See my romance shelf on Goodreads. Click "view" in the same row as a book to read the review for that book. "Romance" is not very narrowly defined on that shelf, which means you can definitely choose a book that isn't/wouldn't be marketed as mainstream romance if you want.
Additional info (optional): The review will be posted within two weeks of my obtaining a copy of the book, excluding a week at the end of August when I will be on holiday. My reviews vary between a couple hundred to over 1,500 words and I will try to make yours on the longer end of that range. You can specify how I should deal with spoilers and whether there are any particular triggers you want warning about (useful if you haven't yet read the book yourself); you can also suggest aspects of the book with which you would like the review to deal in particular. Of course, you and I may have different reactions to the same book!
Starting bid (in USD) $10.00
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User name: [personal profile] deepad
Email address: nrityangana0 AT gmail DOT com
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional):
I'm offering: One public post that sporks a book or movie that I really, really didn't like, which will be at least 1,000 words long. I'll have it posted within a month. If there is something you really want me to post about, we can talk about and I'll see if I have already read/seen it, or can access it and consume it. Otherwise, I can tell you some of the things I am thinking about writing about, and you can pick from them.
Examples of my work (optional): You can browse my tags here to get a sense of how I think and write.
Starting bid (in USD) $1
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User name: [personal profile] sailwithoutwind
Email address:
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): ask! GTalk, Skype, and AIM are available.
I'm offering: minimum 1000 words of either fanfic or original fiction
Examples of my work (optional): [community profile] one_final_dream // [community profile] bookofthesaved // [community profile] upended_hourglass (original fiction)*
Fandoms & Genres: includes, but is not limited to... )
Additional info (optional): I cannot provide a timeframe for delivery, but I do guarantee you will be happy with what you receive--rewrites and new ideas are fair game if you find yourself displeased. In order to ensure these get written, however, I do reserve the right to request a new prompt/pairing if it's something I genuinely feel I cannot do justice.
Starting bid (in USD): $14

*This community is locked, but if you'd like to take a look just leave a comment at the comm's public post that you're coming from this auction.
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User name: [personal profile] sailwithoutwind
Email address:
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): ask! GTalk, Skype, and AIM are available.
I'm offering: handmade wirework jewellery
Examples of my work (optional): Beech & Rowan
Additional info (optional): colours, styles, etc. will be determined with the winning bidder; confirmation of shipment will be issued within 90 days, and I will cover shipping up to $10 USD.
Starting bid (in USD): $10 for earrings, $20 for pendants, $35 for necklaces*

*bidders, please specify in the comment title which item you're bidding for; I will accept one winner for each style.
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Hi everyone!

We are so thrilled to see all the lovely items everyone is auctioning, as well as the bids that have come in so far -- thank you so much! Please keep it coming! As a reminder, the auction will be open for bids until this Saturday, July 21, at 21:00 GMT (time zone converter).

Below the cut are auctions that don't have any bids yet. There's some wonderful stuff that just hasn't found the right person yet -- please consider taking a look! (You might wind up w/a bargain... :D)

Auctions with no bids )

& offers with only one bid -- let's get some more bidding wars started!

Auctions with only one bid )

& of course if you'd like to bid on auctions that already have multiple bids, please feel free! Browsing the tags might be useful in finding something you like. :D

Thank you so much again -- it's so wonderful to see everyone's support. Your kindness is helping a truly amazing person. Please signal-boost as appropriate & bid generously if you can. ♥


Jul. 18th, 2012 09:23 pm
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I hope I'm not too late...!

User name: [personal profile] itsamellama
Email address: mel.g.cabral[AT]
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): contact me ; u ;/
I'm offering: Art!
Examples of my work (optional): Please see my online portfolio, deviantART or my sketchblog!
Fandoms (if appropriate): I'll draw anything, but my fandoms are Ace Attorney, Black Jack, Professor Layton, primarily. :D
Additional info (optional):
Starting bid (in USD) $5? :)
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[personal profile] liseuse
User name:[personal profile] liseuse

Email address: liseusester (@)

I'm offering: Editing of academic work up to 10,000 words.

Examples of my work (optional): I am a PhD student in English Literature, and can provide examples of my own work if you wish.

Additional info (optional): I am offering to check academic work for grammar and stylistics. I will also check referencing and reference style if desired. Because I have only studied, and written, in the British university system this offer may be best suited to students at British universities, or universities which broadly use the British style.

Starting bid (in USD) $5
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[personal profile] liseuse
User name: [personal profile] liseuse

Email address: liseusester (@)

I'm offering: At least 3,000 words of beta reading services - particularly grammar and Britpicking.

Examples of my work (optional): You can see things I have created at my DW and my AO3.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Harry Potter, Torchwood, Doctor Who (Tennant and Smith eras). I will also Britpick in other British-canon fandoms whether I know the canon or not - e-mail me to see if we'd be a good fit!

Starting bid (in USD) $5
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[personal profile] bookblather
User name: bookblather

Email address: tigerkat24 at gmail dot com

I'm offering:

1) Original fiction. Provide me with a prompt and I will provide you with at least one thousand words of original fiction. The piece will belong solely to you, to be made public or not at your discretion.

Additional Info: I guarantee delivery in one month or less.

Starting bid: 20 USD.

2) Editing. I will edit up to fifty thousand words for you at whatever level of editing you desire. I am a professional copyeditor in my spare time, so grammar and spelling errors will be corrected, and I also can comment on characters, plot, and phrasing. References available upon request.

Additional Info: I guarantee a turnaround time of two weeks. Shorter pieces will be completed sooner.

Starting bid: 20 USD.

3) Nail polish. Let me know your favorite colors and I will mail you four half-ounce bottles of SpaRitual nail polish. This is salon-quality polish, not available outside of professional beauty salons or supply stores, and never for less than 10$ a bottle. It wears very well, especially with a top coat, and removes easily. I cannot guarantee specific shades of polish, especially if they are limited editions, but you may request them and I will definitely get you something in the neighborhood.

Additional info: I can only ship inside the United States, but shipping will be free.

Starting bid: 20 USD

Fandoms (if appropriate): n/a

Examples of my work (optional): Examples of my original writing can be found here and here. References for editing are available upon request.
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[personal profile] sabriel
User name: [personal profile] sabriel
Email address: sabriel [at]
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional): sabriel (gtalk)
I'm offering: Blush Horizon de Chancel; A limited edition blush from Chanel 2012 Spring.
Additional info (optional): For more information, photos, swatches, see here.

I will ship this item everywhere. I will split initial shipping fee with the winner, but you may be responsible for any customs charge this may occur in shipping when it arrives. This item is brand new, never opened. My home is smoke-free and pet-free.

Starting bid (in USD) $20
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[personal profile] jetsilver
User name: [personal profile] jetsilver
Email address: cake.wont.bite at g mail
I'm offering: One handwoven scarf in black, with teal and white accents. The scarf is 12" wide and 52" long, plus 10" fringes. It is a light, loose weave and drapes nicely. I believe the black yarn to be mohair, but as all of the yarn used in the scarf comes from unlabelled thrift store finds, I can't be sure of the fibre content.

It was handwoven on my rigid heddle loom, and has been been washed to lock the threads in place.

Photos )

Additional info (optional): I will ship this item anywhere. My home is smoke free and cat hair free, but a few dog hairs along with your scarf are very likely.
Starting bid (in USD) $10
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[personal profile] megaptera
User name: megaptera
Email address:

I'm offering: a gay-pride-themed bracelet, handmade out of various glass beads and silver-plated bits. The glass beads are in rainbow colours -- red faceted gem, orange droplet, pair of yellow rounds, green globby thing, blue round, and pair of purple discs. The ends are finished off with iridescent clear double pyramids, hearts, and rounds. Pictures are beneath the cut.

Additional info (optional): The bracelet is 21 cm (8") long and closes with a round bar-and-toggle clasp for easy operation with one hand. Ships from Canada. I'll pay shipping up to $10 US, which should get it to a good number of places.

Starting bid (in USD): $15

Read more... )
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[personal profile] starlady
User name: [personal profile] starlady

Email address: unrepentanteastcoaster [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm offering: Fanfic OR fan video (an AMV or a vid) OR a translation of Japanese text.

For the fanfic, I can promise a 1000-5000 word story to your prompt. I can't promise any fandom, but I'm familiar with a wide range of media in English and Japanese and am willing to do a little extracurricular media consumption - feel free to inquire about whether I'd be able/willing to write the fandom of your choice. Additionally, I am very much willing to write in any fandom I have already written in; you can see all of my fanfic at [ profile] starlady.

For the fan video, I am willing to make an AMV or a vid to your prompt, or in the fandom of your specification, within Festivids "safety" guidelines (i.e. 180 minutes of source or less). Again, please feel free to inquire about fandoms you have in mind. My AMVs and vids are available through this post. There is also this page of vids and AMVs I haven't made.

For the translation, I am willing to translate up to 50 pages of manga text that you provide (of course if your manga is 52 pages or so, I won't say no), or the equivalent. I'll provide you a script that looks a lot like these translation posts - I am definitely not a scanlater!

Examples of my work (optional): Linked above.

Fandoms (if appropriate):  Negotiable; see above.

Additional info (optional):  We'll work out delivery dates once the winning bid is in. Additionally, please specify which option you're bidding for when you bid. I only have so much time and brain, or I'd offer all three separately.

Starting bid (in USD): $15

Mods, can I get an "offer: video" tag? Thanks!



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